Study Costs

Study Costs

Each university sets its own tuition fees. Costs vary depending on the teaching requirements, facilities and equipment required for each course.

• Foundation studies per year: Approx. AUD$9000 to AUD $14,000
• Bachelor Degree per year: Approx. AUD $14,000 to AUD $35,000
• Graduate Certificate / Diploma per year: Approx. AUD $15,000 to AUD $36,000
• Masters or Doctoral course per year: Approx. AUD $15,000 to AUD $36,000

Vocational courses
The vocational and education training sector offers a wide variety of courses at the following levels: Certificates I-IV, Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas. Tuition fees vary depending on the type of course you choose, and the facilities and equipment needed for the course. The cost of tuition for vocational qualifications ranges from AUD $5500 a year for a Certificate course through to AUD $20,000 a year for an Advanced Diploma.

Primary and secondary schools/strong>
Your school tuition fees will depend on your choice of school – government or independent – and your level of schooling – primary, secondary or senior secondary. Fees for Australian schools range from AUD $6000 to AUD $30,000 per year. The higher fees will include living in a boarding house at an independent school.

English language courses
The costs for English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) vary depending on where you study and the institution you choose. Tuition fees range from AUD $170 to AUD $350 per week, for a typical full-time ELICOS course involving 25 hours of tuition per week.