Accomodation Costs

Accomodation Costs

When you’re studying in Australia, you need to feel ‘at home’. This means choosing the right accommodation for your personal and study needs. The location, facilities and lifestyle are factors that influence the costs.

Homestay – living with an Australian family
Homestay means living with an Australian family. It is a great option especially for younger students. You can choose from either room-only accommodation or full board where the family provides meals. Homestay accommodation ranges from around AUD $200 to AUD $350 per week. It is a requirement for school students under 18 years old who are not residing with a family member or living in a school boarding house. Also, it is a good choice to international students who want to get immediate contact with the native English speakers and start to practice the language.

Shared accommodation
This sort of accommodation is very popular among students around world. Usually it is a big house with lots of rooms where students share a room with 1 or more students . It is suitable for who doesn’t mind about noise nor a large number of people sharing the common area such as kitchen, bathrooms , etc. The food is not include. The price vary between AUD $130 to $180.

On-campus accommodation
For tertiary students, on-campus accommodation is available at most universities and some vocational institutes. The residences will be on campus or very close to the university grounds. Campus accommodation varies from a room in a college to an individual apartment for a postgraduate student and family. Price vary depending on the level of services offered (eg whether meals are provided) but you can expect to pay between AUD $100 and AUD $300 per week.

Rental accommodation
Renting an apartment or house with a group of students is good value for money and provides you with independence and a sociable environment. Rental costs differ in each city, town and state, you can expect to pay more in metropolitan centres like Sydney or Melbourne than in the outer-lying suburbs or regional towns. Generally, a student in shared accommodation will pay rent of between AUD $70 and AUD $250 per week. Renting an apartment or house by yourself will cost between AUD $250 and AUD $600 per week depending on the size and location of the property. .

Boarding school
Many independent schools offer boarding facilities for their students. At boarding school, you usually share a room and all meals are included. Schools provide pastoral care and academic support in the boarding house. Students make friends with classmates from across Australia and around the world.

Wherever you choose, living in Australia will be an enriching, exciting experience.