ABC Australia is a study agency that operates for more than 10 years in the market, offering educational programs for students in Brazil and Australia. We partner with renowned Australian education institutions and we pride ourselves on always offering the best programs, which include training and development of English language as well as technical courses, graduate, postgraduate, masters and doctorates.

We offer customized consulting, guidance about courses, support for visa application, accommodation and job leads.

Our team is comprised of skilled professionals to provide the necessary support and help you make the right choice according to your goals. Our challenge is to make every dream real, allowing the an international experience, the knowledge of diverse cultures and the discovering of new worlds into one.

Our company is a member of the ABCC (Australia Brazil Chamber of Commerce), as well as Official Chamber of Commerce Brazil Australia.

We are always ready to embrace your dream, then start your journey right now with who understands about it, ABC Australia.

WE are your friends on the other side of the world.

Ana Regina da Silva
Qualified Eduaction Agent Counsellor  - QEAC #G039